Our Mission

At the Lucky Bidwell Group, we provide ordinary people access to extraordinary wealth building at reasonable costs.

Our Goal

We aim to build long-term wealth for people rather than reduce short-term volatility. We want to provide market beating returns by lowering barriers to access around incredibly powerful insight and tools previously available only to the already wealthy.


Our Approach

Put simply, we believe in better ways to measure marketplace variables. Our chain of logic is timeless: Better measures enable better questions about the future price direction of assets. Better questions lead to answers no one else has. Possessing answers no one else has provides an edge.

Whether measuring fundamental risks to a company’s future profits or measuring the price behavior of stocks or other assets, the Lucky Bidwell Group positions itself for success by creating deeper, more accurate ways to cut through the noise of the often turbulent and sometimes deceptive markets.

Our Tactics

The Lucky Bidwell Group levels the playing field by bringing to battle the kind of analytical armor and computational firepower usually only available via the best hedge funds, and only to people who are already wealthy. We level the playing field by deploying it on behalf of those who aspire to wealth.

To do this, we create substantial methodologies to quantify the risk/reward present in individual securities, in portfolios, and across whole asset classes for accurate comparison of opportunities. Most importantly, we measure whether risk/reward is changing, which enables fast, appropriate action which either takes advantage of favorable changes or protects investors against unfavorable changes. Our results beat others because our methods rely on deeper insights about these measurement than others use.  

Our Moral Stance

If you want to get rich, you need to get Lucky. Here are three things we believe which you should too.

We believe in Thomas Picketty’s startling insight that inequality grows larger forever because the returns on capital are greater than the returns on labor. The phenomenon is confirmed in many ways, some of them quite disturbing.

We believe the ever-growing inequality captured by Picketty’s equation is unjust, because it ties wealth too closely to advantages of birth and differences in the negotiating leverage between classes, rather than individual merit or talent.

We believe that widening inequality is a social crisis and that waiting for government to address it effectively is an unwise triumph of hope over experience.

We believe an important part of the answer to this crisis will be for people who earn wages to benefit from growing their money at a greater rate than those who already have large amounts of capital. That is, the aspiring wealthy need to outcompete the already wealthy at the investing table.


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