Gregg Rosenberg

Managing Partner

Gregg Rosenberg, Ph.D. - A fan of science fiction, fantasy and superheroes, while growing up Dr. Rosenberg always identified with Mr. Spock rather than Dr. McCoy. Ironically, combined with his openness to contrarian ideas, this passion for logical thinking has led to a reputation for creativity, innovation and thinking differently, as well as a career as a serial entrepreneur.

As a young man, Gregg was an early contributor to the emerging discipline of consciousness studies. Developing a new view of consciousness tied to causality, his work provides a philosophical foundation for the exciting new science of consciousness embodied in Integrated Information Theory. This interest grew out of his work in machine learning while completing his master’s of science in artificial intelligence.

The first company he founded (now called Signix) solved the problem of allowing ordinary people to securely sign contracts and loans using remote key infrastructure almost a decade before touch mobility and software-as-a-service were even terms.

While working as a Managing Director at a global consultancy, he conceived of and brought to market the company’s first successful software division, based on methods for quantifying risk and value related to IT investments, a problem many considered too hard to solve.

As Chief Product Officer and employee number eight at healthcare startup, Gregg created the first ever database relating patient preferences and lifestyle to treatment outcomes, and used machine learning for making the first tool related to treatment customization based on these factors.

The Lucky Bidwell Group represents the culmination of his combined interests in business, people, machine learning, and solving big, hairy, hard problems.


Kasia Rosenberg

IT Lead

Kasia Rosenberg, a Johns Hopkins graduate competent in three natural languages - English, Polish and Russian - is passionate about making great software. She is also well-versed in several computer languages and frameworks: JavaScript, React.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, as well as content management systems like Joomla and WordPress.

Born in communist Poland, Kasia emigrated to America as a young adult and learned English on her own while putting herself through Johns Hopkin’s well regarded business school, receiving a four year degree in only two years and graduating Magna Cum Laude.

After graduating in 2006, she moved back to Europe to work in London as an analyst for a management consulting firm before deciding America was the place she wanted to live after all. Through her company, Digital Machinations, she manages the group’s IT infrastructure needs, quality assurance efforts and helps implement software needed to execute its strategies.



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